“Well at least you referred to me as the formal ‘usted’,” the broker lifted his chin arrogantly and flipped an imaginary lock of hair over his shoulder. “This piece of royal ass wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

With that he turned the stove off and casually popped some eggs into his mouth. Wait, was this guy vegetarian? No, he was pretty sure they are some bomb ass fried chicken like three hours ago. God, the weed was really fucking up his memory. “So you’re a criminal? A little green too, I bet.” 

Of course, of course. The latino rolled his eyes with a chuckle, pulling his dreads back into a band. “I will remember that,” he commented with heavy sarcasm.

"Little green?" Dakota repeated as he stood. "And not a criminal." He headed for the kitchen and snatched the fork from Quentin with a huff, taking some eggs for himself. Oh no, not a criminal. He —well, Asher —was very organised and they committed no unnecessary crimes. Corrupt businessmen, more like.

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caution dogs running free keep gate closed

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New York City Skyline, View from Top of the Rock, New York City - 012 (by Vivienne Gucwa)

ensanglanter whispered:
Well look at me. I've been following you for a while now and I haven't even said a word to ya. I'm so damn rude!

Well now with that logic I could say the very same, yes?

Guess we’re just a couple of rude ol’ people.